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(This is a poem for a boy that I wrote on a whim a couple weeks ago or so...)

We'd be great together,
but you don't want to see me,
be near me,
understand me because we're too young for a relationship like this.

So you go ahead and chase the perfect girl,
the prodigy, the track star, the girl next door everyone freaking adores.

There's nothing inside her, nothing to hold,
I'm the girl in the corner and I know how you think,
your laugh,
your stupid annunciations of "h" in what and why,
it's a beautiful thing the way you make me smile,
and hey, fine I'm not the total package,
I rock and ripple the notions of normality
and break the wooded ship of conformity because I'm not sailing,
I'm soaring in my rocket ship,
we could have seen the stars together.

No, no that won't work for you,
can't even look me in the eye?

Damn it, I still think about you when I see Pikachu's blush or hear the Cellos from the Halo theme song,
those were the quirks that made me fall in love with you.
You didn't think the same,
you spaced out,
you had unsteady hands and I wished,
damn it,
I wished you'd hold one out to me,
briefly, kindly, honestly, genuinely, lovingly…

I'm here, I'll wait, you're lucky I'm not like her, that's why I stayed.


I am:
~ A Writer
~ A student (T_T)
~ A helper!!!

Want to be:
~Comic book writer
~Peace corps volunteer
~Employee of some nonprofit organization OR
~Founder of a nonprofit organization
~Creator for the first Latina Disney Princess

Fav ComicBook Characters:
~Stephanie Brown
~Artemis Crock
~Rose Wilson
~Wally West
~Garfield Logan
~Dick Grayson
~Tim Drake
~Damian Wayne
~Jason Todd
~Shayera Hol
~Kaldur (YJ!)

~KoryXRichard (sorry Babs' fans)
~The Ponds
~Wonderbeetle (YJ!)
~BB/Rae (more so in the comics)

I have so many EMOTIONS!!!

You can find me on Youtube as "Ladybat2527" or Tumblr as "LovelyRavager"

~Christian XD~

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